Express Loan Process is a licensed mortgage broker operating in Georgia and Florida. We are experts in locating the best mortgage for your individual circumstances. We will help you secure a residential mortgage loan, even if you have a bad credit history or challenging circumstances. At ELP we pride ourselves on making the mortgage  experience as hassle-free as possible.  We close loans fast!

We have always been on the side of the customer and will suggest the most appropriate mortgage for you. We have years of experience within the mortgage industry, and consequently know what is required to get the best result fast!  We have closed loans in 20 days!

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Whether you need a new mortgage or mortgage refinancing, we are your best source for:


Most people check their credit score using online consumer credit score companies. These companies typically do not give you a complete profile like the one lenders need from all 3 bureaus. Click below for your true FICO credit scores from all 3 bureaus.


Estimate your monthly payment and see how much you can afford. Set your budget before you begin your house search. Use our Loan Calculator to help keep you on budget.


Don't find the house of your dreams just to find out you don't qualify for as much as you thought. Get pre-approved to set your price range before you and your real estate agent begin your house search. Complete the online application and a broker will get back to you ASAP!